LFM develops and produces pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and medical devices for third parties.

LFM deals with:

  • characterization of active ingredients
  • production of pilot batches
  • production of scale-up batches
  • analytical development
  • validation of analytical methods
  • validation of production methods
  • stability studies according to ICH standards
  • dossier CTD part 3 compilation - notification to the Italian Ministry of Health

Our facilities and professional staff are available for third-party activity, in compliance with the highest international standards.

In pharmaceutical development, LFM is ready to provide assistance for all issues that concern modules 3 and 2.3 of registration dossier in CTD (common technical document) format, from production validations to stability studies of all pharmaceutical forms that we are authorized to manufacture, i.e. oral solids, ampoules in asepsis and solutions, according to the attached decrees.

Regarding dietary supplements, we can assist customers with the formulation and manufacture of tablets, together with their packaging. We specialize in the production of aspartame tablets and similar sweeteners in dispenser packs from 50 to 500 tablets.

We believe that the combination of our manufacturing experience and your production needs will contribute to a fulfilling working relationship.

Since starting more than 50 years ago, we have built experience cooperating with important Italian and multinational pharmaceutical companies, among them:

  • Actavis Italy SpA - Italy
  • Agips Farmaceutici Srl - Italy
  • Almus (Alliance Healthcare) - Italy
  • Amstelfarma – The Netherlands
  • Antula Healthcare AB - Sweden
  • APR, Applied Pharma Research SA - Switzerland
  • CT Laboratories - Italy
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – India
  • Edmond Pharma Srl – Italy
  • EG Spa, Laboratori Euro Generici – Italy
  • Epifarma Srl – Italy
  • Erydel SpA - Italy
  • Formenti (Grünenthal Group) - Italy
  • GSK Italia – Italy
  • GSK Spain – Spain
  • ICI RENDE Srl - Italy
  • IDA Foundation – The Netherlands
  • Italfarmaco SpA – Italy
  • Marvecspharma – Italy
  • Menarini Srl – Italy
  • PHF SA - Switzerland
  • Ratiopharm GmbH - Germany
  • Rottapharm SpA – Italy
  • S&b / IBN Savio - Italy
  • SF. Group Srl - Italy
  • Società Cooperativa Farmaceutica – Italy
  • SPA, Società Prodotti Antibiotici SpA - Italy
  • UNICEF – Denmark